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Money Manager

Save time and hassle with our account aggregator

What is Money Manager?

  • UPDATE: Please note, Money Manager is now available to use on Internet Explorer 11 browsers.

Money Manager lets you see all your online accounts together in one place whoever they're with - right here. All you need is either a Yorkshire Building Society online savings account or to have registered for online services.

Best of all, Money Manager is:

  • free

  • secure

  • simple to set up

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See all your accounts

See the balances for your other online bank and building society accounts, along with your Yorkshire balances when you Login. That could be your credit and store cards, current account, loan and even your mortgage. Just one click will take you straight to your other banks' websites and you won't need to log in again. With some organisations you may be asked to provide additional verification.

It's free

  • No hidden costs, it's a completely free service
  • Available to all Yorkshire Building Society customers - all you need is an account with the Yorkshire and to register for online services
  • Once you've added your organisations you can access all your accounts anytime, with just one password - the one you use to log in to your Yorkshire accounts

Safe and secure

To ensure all your details are kept safe and secure, your personal details are stored and encrypted in the 'password safe' on the PC or Mac you use Money Manager on. Conditions apply

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Secure and private

Money Manager is simple, safe and secure and you can use it with complete confidence.

How we keep your details secure - the Password Safe

Your personal details are stored and encrypted in the 'password safe' on the PC/Mac you use Money Manager on. When you log in to Money Manager a communication is sent directly between your PC/Mac and each of your other banks. This is just the same way as if you logged in manually through your browser, but because you automatically log in to all your other balances at once, it's much faster.


We use the industry standard encryption and there are tens of millions or more more than 5 billion, trillion, trillion possible encryption keys, only one of which will give access to your personal information, so the chances of someone guessing the key to your personal information are incredibly low. Even in the extremely unlikely event of someone hacking the Yorkshire Building Society website, they wouldn't be able to access your log in details as these are kept on your own PC/Mac.

Your bank's terms and conditions

Organisations generally do not object to Money Manager because you do not disclose your PINs and passwords to us. However, should you become aware of any issues when you are using Money Manager please contact us by secure message - to do this, simply
Login and click on 'Write new' in the 'Message Centre' on the right.

The Yorkshire Building Society security promise

We are confident that your money is safe with us, and offer a security promise to back up our confidence. Visit our Security Centre for more information.

Using a shared PC/Mac

If you want to use Money Manager on a shared PC/Mac, your personal information is encrypted and prevents people from seeing your details. However we don't advise that you use Money Manager on any PC/Mac which is open to public access such as those in an internet café. And of course, you're always covered by our security promise.

Important information

If you want to use Money Manager on more than one PC/Mac, you'll need to download the 'password safe' to each machine you use to access your other bank accounts.

Will the Yorkshire share my personal information with anyone else?

We'll only share information about you with other organisations if you've given us permission to do so. You can withdraw your permission at any time, just by contacting us.

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Terms & Conditions

It is important that you read all the terms applicable before you decide whether to register for Money Manager.

Terms & Conditions

Read and download the Terms & Conditions (184 KB) for Money Manager.

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How to register

Easy to set up - getting started is really simple

If you are already a Yorkshire Building Society online customer:

  1. Login
  2. On the 'My Accounts' page click on 'Register to use Money Manager' under 'External accounts'
  3. Download the 'password safe' software when requested
  4. Once the 'password safe' has installed, select the banks and the accounts you want to display on your Yorkshire Building Society Money Manager page and enter the security details for each of the banks.

What happens then?

Each time you log in to manage your accounts using a PC or Mac you've registered for Money Manager, your other bank's security details are collected from the 'password safe' on your PC/Mac. These details are sent, automatically via your computer, to your bank so you can access your accounts with them securely. Your account balances are then collected and displayed on the 'My Accounts' page, right here on the Yorkshire's website, on the same screen as your Yorkshire accounts. The balances you see are all up to the minute - Money Manager collects your information in real time. If you then want to transact on your other accounts, one click and you'll be taken straight to the other bank's website without having to log in again.

Is it safe?

When you join Money Manager, we'll show you how to download a piece of software that acts as a 'password safe', storing your other banks' log in details securely on your PC/Mac. Your passwords with other banks are never shown to anyone at the Yorkshire. Remember, in the extremely unlikely event of fraud, your Yorkshire Building Society account balances are covered by our security promise.

Technology requirements

Money Manager is not available for all devices, operating systems and browsers.

The service is currently available for

Devices PCs, Laptops and MACs
Operating Systems MS Windows 2000,
MS Windows XP,
MS Windows Vista,
MS Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit versions*),
MS Windows 8,
MS Windows 8.1,
Apple OS X Lion Snow Leopard and above
Browsers MS Internet Explorer 7 and above,
Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and above,
Apple Safari 5.0 and above

* For 64-bit OS, IE 32-bit version must be used.

For step by step instructions on how to install the 'password safe' on your computer, please visit our Money Manager - Browser Support page.

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