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Make aDifferenceWeek

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Charitable Foundation

Help us Make a Difference in your community

Yorkshire Building Society held Make a Difference Week from 16 to 21 September 2013, during which time we invited customers and members of the public into our branches and agencies to nominate their favourite charity to receive support from Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation.

We are thrilled to announce that 2013 was the most successful Make a Difference Week in our history, with over 1,270 good causes receiving a donation of £100 each from the Charitable Foundation. Make a Difference Week is a great opportunity for the Charitable Foundation to support good causes that can often be overlooked for a donation; this year those good causes have shared a record breaking total donation of £127,000.

The £127,000 of donations is possible thanks to Yorkshire Building Society's innovative Small Change, Big Difference™ scheme. The scheme enables members to donate the pennies from their annual interest on their accounts each year to the Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation and through it support thousands of charities every year.

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Small Change, Big Difference scheme™

An easy and valuable way for members to donate the pence of their interest every year.

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