Being an active member of our local communities is really important to us as it helps shape what we do and how we do it. Our apprentice scheme is vital in supporting our ambition to build a diverse work place whilst contributing to society and the communities we serve.


What makes our apprentice scheme so brilliant is that it works to reflect the community we live in so it’s open to absolutely everyone, from any background, regardless of qualifications, experience or age.

There’s also a wide breadth of roles offered across the organisation to suit different people’s skill sets or interests, from cyber security to financial risk and project management to marketing to working in our branch network.

Where we really stand out is our guarantee of a permanent role to all our apprentices at the end of the scheme.

So whatever your experience or age, the YBS apprentice scheme can make a positive difference to your life by opening doors and providing opportunities.



Make a difference

Because our candidates reflect the communities we're part of, there is no typical applicant. They could just have left school, be looking to change career, newly graduated and looking for something different, or just out of retirement.

There’s also no average age, no average background and no experience required. We’re genuinely more interested in finding people with the right values and passion for exceeding customer expectations. In fact, being different can sometimes make all the difference; just ask Jennifer or Olivia.


Busy mum of two and full time apprentice.


From RAF trainee to customer consultant.


Supporting the journey

All our apprentices are paid above the Living Wage and are recruited on a permanent contract from the start, which entitles them to the same benefits as other colleagues.

This ensures our apprentices can focus on their apprenticeship and achieve their goals. We’re proud to say that all our apprentices acquire recognised external qualifications, with structured training, offered from level 3 up to level 6 (the equivalent of BSc degree-level qualifications), and if they want to develop further then we’ll try to help them too, just like we’re helping Mya.


Joined YBS as the first female IT apprentice.

Image: Parachuting person

We welcome new apprentices to the business each year.

To find out more and to register your interest in becoming part of our award-winning Apprentice Scheme in 2019, go to YBS apprenticeships

Society Matters

People and communities are at the heart of what makes us who we are at YBS. That’s not just something we say, it’s something we put into practice. We call it ‘Society Matters’.

‘Society Matters’ is our Corporate Responsibility strategy, which focuses on 4 key areas – Customer, People, Community and Environment. Our Apprentices Scheme is just one of the initiatives which helps our people realise their potential. Find out more about Society Matters at