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It’s time for you to vote for the most exceptional customer service we’ve given this year, in our Customer Choice Awards

We pride ourselves on being there for our members and giving you the best service possible. We love it when you share your experiences of when a colleague goes the extra mile for you. The Customer Choice Award is a chance for us to celebrate our colleagues great work.

We’ve enjoyed reading the many ‘thank you’ letters and emails you’ve sent this year to find five great examples of when colleagues have provided outstanding service to a member. But it’s now back to you, to vote for who is the best of the best – and 2021 Customer Choice Award winner.

How to vote

All you have to do to cast your vote is click on the button of your chosen finalist.

Voting is open until Friday 22 October 2021. The winner will be revealed on Friday 26th November 2021.

Who will it be?


Took ownership and challenged YBS’ own processes to find the right solution for a member who was finding it difficult to keep up with his mortgage payments due a relationship breakdown.

The customer’s financial situation was worsening month on month, with mortgage arrears growing and additional charges due to be placed on the account. Karin took the time to listen to the customer’s situation and build her understanding of the case by speaking to other YBS teams, such as the legal team. Using this knowledge, Karin was able to build a case to challenge the charges and propose an alternative solution that would benefit both the customer – as the payments would be more affordable – and the Society – as the customer would be able to pay off his mortgage with us.

Karin’s approach led to YBS finding a better way to provide the real help the customer needed, while protecting the interests of the Society.


Was praised by the son on an elderly member for handling a situation ‘fantastically’ when the customer could not access her money due to forgetting personal information during the verification process.

As you’d expect both the son and our elderly customer were very upset and frustrated at the situation. To ease their concerns, Umar took full ownership of resolving the issue and built trust with our customer in the process, as they said: “So are you going to look into this personally? Well that’s really impressive, I thought you’d say, ‘I can’t look at this as I need to get on to my next call.” Having reassured the customer, Umar set about working with multiple teams across the Society to identify a solution to ensure our customer got access to her money as quickly as possible. He was then able to call the customer back with the good news. At the end of that call, the customer said: “Umar can I just say to you, this is a really sensitive subject and you've handled it fantastically.”


Took a personal approach to support a member whose finances were causing him such anxiety he struggled to discuss it.

Victoria’s tone and approach encouraged the customer to open-up, so a plan could be put in place that allows him to keep his home. The customer had lost his job in 2020 and after many months of looking, eventually gained new employment but with a considerably reduced income. The worry of his financial situation and fear of how he could ever get out of it was causing him severe anxiety and stress, so much so he couldn’t talk about it. This meant we couldn’t talk to him about his affordability to find a workable solution to tackle his arrears. Vicky decided to try a new approach, focusing on how discussing his finances would help relieve his stress and that with a plan in place he wouldn’t need to be contacted by YBS so frequently. Vicky’s patience, empathy and understanding about his particular circumstances convinced the customer to open up, enabling a realistic payment plan to be put in place for him. By the end of the conversation the customer said he felt ‘three stones lighter’ as he was now in much greater control of his finances.


Received a huge thank you from a very distressed member after she helped him resolve an issue that led to him receiving a series of payment demands from his electricity company.

The customer was feeling inundated with correspondence from his electricity provider regarding missed payments and threatening letters that were cause for concern. Jan took the customer into an office in branch as she noticed he was visibly distressed and wanted to understand how she could help him further. Having taken the time to listen, and understanding he was confused about why he was receiving demanding letters, she arranged for a call with the electricity provider there and then so she could guide him through the conversation. The outcome was a simple fix to his electricity account, which Jan was able to help him with, and since then the demanding letters have stopped, making a huge difference to the customer’s wellbeing. The customer was so impressed with the support he received, he wrote an email of thanks to Jan’s manager saying: “Jan deserves a raise for helping me out.”


Took personal responsibility to help a member who was struggling to pay his mortgage – finding a solution that kept him in his home and will make his mortgage payments more affordable in future.

The customer was in arrears and knew it would affect his eligibility for a new mortgage product when his current deal came to an end. Moving on to our Standard Variable Rate would make his mortgage even more unaffordable for him. Helen took the time to understand the customer’s situation and the range of options available to him – gaining the customer’s trust through her friendly manner and in-depth knowledge of his account. In the end a solution was a small change that made his mortgage payments more affordable immediately, reduced his arrears by over £1,000 and enabled him to move to a more affordable rate once his current deal came to end. For the customer it was life-changing, and he said: “Helen played an absolute blinder when she spoke to me. Now that's what I call customer service!”