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No young person should experience homelessness, especially at Christmas.

Homelessness can happen to any young person often through no fault of their own, and this experience should not define their lives.

End Youth Homelessness (EYH) surveyed 1,000 UK adults to gauge public understanding of youth homelessness (aged 16-25 years old). The survey results revealed some common misconceptions of youth homelessness.

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Public Perception:
49% of UK adults think addiction (such as alcohol or drugs) is one of the most common causes of youth homelessness.

In reality:
The biggest cause of youth homelessness is a breakdown in family relationships (53%), followed by landlords terminating rental agreements (12%) and domestic abuse (10%).

Addiction often occurs as a result of a young person becoming homeless, as opposed to being a cause.

Public perception:
58% of people believe there are 50,000 or less homeless young people in the UK each year

In reality:
In fact there are 83,000 homeless young people that are housed in supported housing services each year.

Only a quarter of homeless young people have slept rough.


In fact youth homelessness is hidden behind closed doors

Homelessness does not just mean rough sleeping, which exposes young people to the elements, violence and assault. The majority of homelessness is actually hidden from the public eye.

Young people often sofa surf with friends, family and acquaintances until they have exhausted all their options. They then may move to temporary hostels, ride the bus throughout the night or injure themselves to gain a hospital bed. In addition, very few young people engage in begging because they are too ashamed to do so.

Not knowing where to sleep every night is hugely disruptive to a young person’s ability to continue education or employment and affects physical and mental health.


You can find statistics in your area by visiting the youth homelessness databank.


Young people have their whole life ahead of them

Young people forced to leave home face additional barriers preventing them to live independently, such as lack of parental support, disruption to education and training and limited employment opportunities. Young people have their futures ahead of them, and with the right support, they can turn their lives around.


Tackling youth homelessness together

Yorkshire Building Society is proud to support EYH who brings together local charities to tackle youth homelessness on a national scale. Together over three years, we aim to help 700 homeless young people into their own homes.

How can you support…

  • Pop into any branch or agency and buy one of our Christmas decorations today.

  • Pop into any branch or agency to find out what local fundraising activities are being held near you.

  • Donate to End Youth Homelessness and our project to provide real help to homeless young people.

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Find out more about how we work together at http://www.ybs.co.uk/societymatters



Together, we’re helping people like Tina this Christmas.

Tina* became homeless earlier this year with her two young children, when the relationship with her partner broke down just six weeks after their son was born. Tina had to leave their joint home and moved back in with her family. However her relationship with her parents became increasingly fraught and strained and they eventually insisted she left.

Tina found a property but couldn’t afford the upfront costs to move in. She turned to EYH for support and thanks to our partnership they could act as a guarantor for Tina and help her manage her finances. Tina’s relationship has vastly improved with her parents and her children are now in stable routines. They are all looking forward to spending their first Christmas in their new home.

*Name changed to protect identity


Worried about a young person?

  • If you are at risk of homelessness or know a young person you are worried about, contact EYH member charity Centrepoint’s Helpline.

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End Youth Homelessness (EYH) is a national movement of local charities working together to end youth homelessness in the UK. EYH trades through its designated Administrator, Centrepoint (charity number 292411).