List of payment requirements by country

Country What you need to supply
Thailand A reason for making the payment
Korea A reason for making the payment plus a contact telephone number for the person receiving the money
India An Indian Financial System Code (IFSC)** and the full postal address and PIN number (postal code) of the branch where the account is held
Canada A 9 digit transit code**
Australia A 6 digit BSB (Bank-State-Branch) code**
New Zealand A 6 digit bank code**
Israel A 2 digit bank code followed by a 3 digit branch code**
Mexico An 18 digit CLABE which includes both the routing and account numbers
USA A 9 digit ACH (also known as a Fedwire or ABA) number instead of a BI

Important information

**These codes are written in front of the account number.

Occasionally, the person you are making the payment to may name an intermediary bank (that's a bank through which the payment will pass).

You should include the name of this bank on your Foreign Currency Transfer application form.


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