Taking steps to be open with customers and stakeholders

We’ve published our key internal policies on our website.

Transparency is important to us as it builds trust with our stakeholders, including our customers and members of the public. By making our key policies accessible to everyone on our website, we can showcase openly how we operate as a business.

After publishing our Ethics Policy in 2018, we have now published ten key policies which strengthen our commitment to being a responsible and transparent business. We’ve published them as ‘Policy Overviews’, slightly shortened more user-friendly versions of the internal document, and they can be found on our website.

They cover key operational areas such as Financial Promotions, Product and Distribution Governance, Sales, Third Party Risk Management, Information Management, Information Security, Financial Crime, Whistleblowing, Fire and Health and Safety, and Environment.

If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact us at community@ybs.co.uk.

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