Home Maintenance Tips

It’s unlikely that home maintenance is top of your priority list of must do things this weekend. But along with the daily and weekly essentials like cooking, laundry and cleaning, regular home maintenance is just as important to keep your home in order and even prevent future problems.

Starting with the big external jobs


If you can do this safely, give your roof a good inspection for missing or cracked roof tiles or slates and make sure you replace or fix them as quickly as possible to avoid any potential water damage. If you’ve got a chimney, check for any cracks in the flue or crumbling mortar.

Guttering and drains

Remove any leaves or other debris that may have fallen into your gutters to avoid overflow. Check and unblock your drains as often as possible and be careful what you put down the sink!

Windows and doors

Polish or replace any damaged hardware and repaint your external doors if required. Lubricate door hinges to avoid any sticking. Are all your window seals intact? Check to avoid leaks.

Patios or decking

A good jet wash is usually all you need here and consider re-staining any decking or fencing to keep them looking fresh.

Moving inside

Kitchen and bathroom

Missing sealant around the shower or bath can cause you serious water damage in your bathroom and the rooms below so make sure you replace any that’s looking worn. And don’t ignore any damp stains on the ceilings in the rooms below. Check the grout around your tiles in the bathroom and kitchen, this will prolong the life of your tiled surfaces and keep them looking fresh.

If you’ve got an extractor fan, clean or replace the filter and don’t forget to get rid of any blockages or lint from the hose in your dryer.