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Interest only mortgage for existing customers

Reviewing your mortgage repayment strategy for your existing interest only mortgage

If your mortgage, or part of your mortgage with Yorkshire Building Society is an interest only mortgage, then your monthly mortgage payments only cover the interest you owe. The money you borrowed (the capital) still needs to be repaid separately at the end of the mortgage term. This can be done using an acceptable repayment strategy.

It is your responsibility to check that your repayment strategy is on track throughout the lifetime of the mortgage. We may contact you from time to time to ensure that you still have a way to repay the capital on your mortgage at the end of the mortgage term.

New customers to Yorkshire Building Society, should see our Interest Only mortgages for new customers page.

What happens once you have opened an Interest Only Mortgage with YBS?

Interest only mortgage: Your repayment plan

As a responsible lender who puts customers at our heart, we want to help you make sure you can repay your mortgage, so we have been contacting all our customers to find out what their strategies for repayment are. Our work is also consistent with guidance from the Financial Conduct Authority (or FCA - who regulate mortgages) who have told mortgage lenders that it’s good practice for us to contact customers regularly to make sure they know what their options are.

What to do if you need help?

Please provide us with details of how you intend to repay your mortgage. You can do this by calling us on the number below or you can complete our online form. We’ll need to take details for each of the account holders named on the mortgage as well as the details of any repayment strategies that you have in place.

If you would like to talk to one of our advisers please call us on free phone 0800 138 1009. We are available from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and from 9am to 1pm on Saturdays. Alternatively you can request a call back by using the online form below. (Please note, we will endeavour to call you back within 2 working days).


Repayment (Capital and Interest)

  •  With this type of mortgage the borrower’s monthly payment will include elements of both interest and capital.
  •  Provided all payments are maintained the loan will be repaid at the end of the term.

Interest Only

  •  Existing customers looking to transfer to a new mortgage deal, port (i.e. transfer) their mortgage product to a new property or change the parties on the mortgage can maintain an Interest Only repayment method, if an acceptable repayment strategy is in place.
  •  If all or part of your mortgage is on an Interest Only repayment basis, please be aware that making your monthly mortgage payments and compliance with the other terms and conditions of your mortgage contract will not ensure that the loan will be fully repaid at the end of the term.
  •  It is important to ensure that you regularly review the adequacy and performance of your chosen repayment strategy.
  •  If you’re new to Yorkshire Building Society you can find out more about our Interest Only mortgages here.

For customers who have taken out an Interest Only mortgage prior to 14 April 2019, acceptable repayment strategies are as follows:

  Repayment   Strategy   Policy Rules
Existing Endowment Policy must be in the names of the borrowers. Medium rated projection must be sufficient to cover the interest only amount of the loan. The maximum LTV for the Interest Only part of your loan must not exceed 75%.
General Investments Current value of investments must be sufficient to cover the interest only amount of the loan at the time of application. Investments must be UK based quoted in Sterling. Can include: Stocks and Shares (including S&S ISAs), Unit Trusts/Open ended Investment Companies and Investment bonds. Cash ISAs premium bonds and general savings accounts are not acceptable. The maximum LTV for the Interest Only part of your loan must not exceed 75%.
Pension Lump Sum Policy must be in the names of the borrowers. Private and occupational schemes acceptable. 25% of the expected maturity value at retirement (using the medium rated projection) must be sufficient to cover the Interest Only amount of the loan. Borrowers’ age must be over 55 years at the mortgage term end (as this is the earliest a cash lump sum can be taken from a pension). The maximum LTV for the Interest Only part of your loan must not exceed 75%.
Sell main residence and downsize Minimum property value of £250,000. Maximum LTV 50% (whole loan, not just Interest Only amount)
Overpayments The level of proposed overpayments must be sufficient to repay the capital amount of the loan by the end of the term using the following calculation:
The required overpayment amount per year = Your Interest Only loan amount divided by term (months) multiplied by 12.
Please note, as affordability is assessed on a Capital & Interest basis, all borrowers will be able to afford to pay the overpayments and they do not need to be included in the affordability assessment as an additional outgoing/expenditure. Where overpayments are not realistic to repay the Interest Only part this is not classed as an acceptable repayment strategy.
The maximum LTV for the Interest Only part of your loan must not exceed 75%.

Any criteria not included in the list above will be considered on a case by case basis.

Product Information
We do not offer specific Interest Only products. 
You will be recommended products from our range and choose how much you borrow on interest only and /or capital and interest basis. You may borrow on an Interest Only basis, or part Interest Only and part Capital and Interest basis.

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