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You may notice
we're looking
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Log in to YBS and you'll see we've redesigned our site to make managing your money simpler and quicker

Why the change?

We are redesigning the website to improve the online experience of our customers - to make it simpler for you to manage your accounts and access your financial information. Starting from September 2018, some areas of the YBS website where you log in to manage your account will look different to the way they look now.  Initially only some parts will have the new design. Over the coming months we'll continue to roll out the new design to the rest of the site. 

We know changes can be unsettling, especially in financial matters where people are justifiably security-conscious, and suspicious of anything out of the ordinary. This is why we wanted to let you know what we are doing.

When you log in...

The first thing you'll notice is the new Login page. And - should you need them - you'll see the Password Reset and Security Questions pages also have the new design.

Once logged in you'll find yourself on the new account management page. This page gives you an overview of all your YBS accounts, whether these be savings accounts or your mortgage account. From this screen view you can manage any Share Plans investments you have, or find out more about the Home Insurance or Life Planning services that YBS offer.

Site security changes

The security of your data is paramount to YBS. When we make any changes to how our site looks, we flag these changes to you in advance, so you can be reassured the site you're visiting really is the YBS website. In the coming weeks you'll notice the pages below will all have a new look, regardless of the device you use to access the website.

  • Customer details and communication preferences
  • Username and password changes
  • Savings reinvestment
  • Mortgage and savings interest rate history
  • ISA transfers and declarations
  • Secure messaging
  • plus all Application forms


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