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Carbon footprint

Over recent years we have progressively been reducing our environmental impact by investing in technology, improving waste management and engaging colleagues in supporting our efforts in becoming become more sustainable.

In 2017, we achieved a further reduction of 19% in our carbon footprint compared to 2016.

As the majority of our carbon footprint relates to our energy usage, we continue to invest in further improving the energy efficiency of our buildings, with initiatives such as:

  • Installing more efficient air conditioning and heating systems and LED lighting in our branch network
  • Replacing electricity generators with more energy efficient models at both our Bradford and Peterborough offices
  • Fitting ‘smart’ electricity meters in our head office in Bradford, which help us to pinpoint areas of inefficiency so we can drive down our energy usage further.

In 2018, we are looking to trial adding solar film, a thin heat reflective laminate, to the windows in our Bradford office. This reduces internal temperatures, which will lessen the need for air conditioning.

Our environmental data is verified through independent assurance and can be viewed by clicking here.

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