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Carbon Neutral®

In 2016, we took our commitment to fighting climate change one step further by becoming certified as CarbonNeutral®.

Building on our carbon reduction of 8% since 2012, we purchased green electricity and 2,176 TCO2e carbon offsets to achieve net zero emissions. These offsets are helping to fund two Gold Standard projects, one in Vietnam providing Household Agricultural Biogas and the other in Uganda providing improved cooking stoves for rural communities.

These projects were chosen as they deliver both carbon emission reductions and socio-economic benefits which align with our Society Matters priorities of providing life-changing support to people in challenging situations and helping local communities to thrive.

These projects will provide financial security and economic growth to people who benefit from them, helping to alleviate poverty and provide a secure and sustainable energy source in the regions in which they are implemented. To date, through the support of CarbonNeutral®, the Uganda project has provided more than 480,000 stoves benefitting 2.4 million people whilst the Vietnam project has installed over 158,000 biogas plants across 53 provinces.

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