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Carbon Neutral®

In 2016, we took our commitment to fighting climate change one step further by becoming certified as CarbonNeutral®.

In 2017, we reduced our carbon footprint by a further 19% compared to 2016 and achieved net zero emissions by purchasing 1,880 TCO2e carbon offsets. These offsets are helping to fund two Gold Standard projects in Indonesia and China. In addition to contributing to the carbon emission reduction, these projects deliver additional environmental and socio-economic benefits locally, which was a key factor in their selection.

The Indonesian project supports 2,000 people living in the area to improve food security, healthcare and education. The project also guarantees the protections of 47,000 hectares of tropical forest on the island of Borneo which is home to the endangered Borneo Orangutans. In China, the project replaces inefficient coal-fired cooking stoves with solar cookers, which improves the indoor air quality and living conditions. So far, 100,000 households have benefited from the new solar cookers.

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