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March 2019

Decency and Fairness Charter

We want all our colleagues to feel appreciated and encouraged to be themselves at work. This starts by recognising and celebrating difference.

In 2018 we implemented a decency and fairness charter, which encourages colleagues to be curious about differences and build relationships beyond their own team and peer group. As part of this, we organised our first decency and fairness conference with representatives from more than 30 different businesses attending to talk about how we can better work together to build more inclusive workplaces.

Alongside the Decency and fairness charter and conference, we ran unconscious bias workshops, attended by around 500 colleagues from across the business, and during National Inclusion Week in September we invited office colleagues to take part in activities such as transgender awareness sessions and sign language masterclasses. Our branches also held ‘inclusion starts with a hello’ chats, encouraging colleagues to get to know each other better and to celebrate difference.

These activities are having a positive impact on how colleagues feel about the Society and the diversity of talent we’re able to attract:

  • 91% of colleagues think people are accepting of others whoever they are, compared to 90% in 2017
  • 80% agreed that the Society has given them the time and opportunity to improve their knowledge and awareness of different inclusion topics, compared to 68% in 2017
  • 79% of colleagues told us they know what unconscious bias is, compared to 67% in 2017
  • 13% of colleagues who joined the Society in 2018 were from Black and Ethnic Minorities, compared to 6% in 2017.

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