Finding the balance

‘Finding the Balance’ is our new approach to family friendly and flexible working.

In May 2017, we launched this group-wide initiative based on colleague feedback which consistently highlighted improvements in family-friendly and flexible working as being the one change that would make YBS a better place to work. The design of this initiative has been based on enabling life choices for our colleague and to do so we have invested in the benefits associated with our family friendly policies. The enhancements include maternity, adoption and shared parental leave pay of 16 weeks’ full pay and 10 weeks’ half pay (remaining 13 weeks paid at statutory levels), 2 weeks’ fully paid paternity leave and discretionary paid leave for carers (5 days’ fully paid per annum, as a guide).

In developing our new approach we have worked hard to make things as easy and simple as possible for our colleagues. We’ve designed guides to support our colleagues in navigating the processes, as well as building easy to use process flows to briefly show the steps our colleagues should take.

We’ve also revisited our approach to flexible working. Flexible working is something which all YBS colleagues can potentially benefit from – whether a colleague needs a change that will support their family life in some way, wants to create time to support a charitable cause close to their heart or has other interests that they wish to pursue.

We also made the decision that all YBS employees (regardless of how long they’ve been with us) can make a flexible working request, which allows us to provide support to all of our colleagues at the time that they need it most.


Following the launch of ‘Finding the Balance’, one of our colleagues commented: “What a great set of changes. Having talked with friends at different organisations these benefits benchmark really well and above average in some cases.” Another colleague added, “The new policy that has been introduced will enhance the experience for colleagues going on maternity, paternity or adoption leave, particularly the increased financial support which will be a significant help when you need it the most”.

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