Muddy Good Fun

Over 200 colleagues, friends and family members took part in a 7km obstacle course for End Youth Homelessness, raising over £28,000.

On 11th May 2018, over 200 colleagues and some of their friends and family members travelled to Walesby Forest in Nottinghamshire to take part in our End Youth Homelessness fundraising event, Muddy Good Fun. The challenging event consisted of a seven kilometre off-road run with 14 obstacles, pushing all of the participants to their limit!

Sasha Pauley, who oversees the partnership with End Youth Homelessness and participated on the day, said “It was a fun day but also had its tough moments; personally, the cave maze was definitely the worst obstacle. We had to crawl through an entrance that we could only just fit through. Once inside it was pitch black and the only way to navigate out the other side was to follow a rope on the floor or hold on to the shoes of the person in front. It felt like forever to get to the other side.”

You can view a video of the event here.

The money raised at this event will help young people move into a safe home of their own, provide them with home essential packs and give support they need to manage their finance.

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