Tailored customer support

We have set up a specialist support team to give colleagues guidance on how best to meet the needs of all their customers and provide practical help.

Supporting our customers when they need it most is an integral part of our Society Matters strategy. All of our customers matter to us but to make a real difference to those who have potentially vulnerable circumstances we need to focus on the service we provide and ensure all customers receive fair outcomes. To help us improve our work in this area we are undertaking a number of steps as follows:

  • We’ve provided all branches and agencies with care kits, created in conjunction with the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB). These feature useful equipment such as pen grips and magnifying glasses for customers with sight loss, arthritis and restricted mobility.
  • We’ve introduced a central point of information for colleagues to seek up-to-date guidance on how to help individual customers access our products and services. We’re now maturing our approach and exploring how to develop further ways to support customers accessing their accounts in a way that is suitable to them.
  • We’re helping and training colleagues to identify and find solutions for customers in need of extra help, including signposting customers to external specialist providers who could provide additional support.

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