Woodland Revival Project

Footpaths and picnic area get revitalised with hard work and 22 cubic meters of crushed limestone!

YBS Group owns a small amount of woodland to the north of our Yorkshire Drive head office site in Bradford. The area covers approximately four hectares, supporting native and broadleaved woodland.

There are indicators within the woodland to suggest it could even be ancient, such as bluebells, honeysuckle, and wood sorrel. There are also mature beech, ash, elm, oak and horse chestnut trees.

The area was overgrown and in need of some work, so 25 colleagues from the Society volunteered to revive the woodland, making it a useable space for local residents. Colleagues, with the help of volunteers from Bradford Environmental Action Trust (BEAT) worked hard to reintroduce the footpaths running through the woodland.

Alison James – Environment and Energy Co-ordinator explains ‘After a lot of digging, chopping and shovelling we’re delighted that the hard work has paid off - even discovering five picnic tables which were hidden beneath shrubbery’.

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