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Home. There’s no place like it

We all share the same feelings of home. It’s that place where we enjoy a sense of security, comfort, safety, pride and love.

At YBS, we help people find their home at every stage of their lives. We also love what home means to every one of our members – #aplacecalledhome is our celebration of this.

Because there’s no place like a place called home.

Can you capture the feeling of home in just one photo?

Home means different things to different people – we want to know what it means to you. Take a picture and share it with us on Twitter or Instagram along with the hashtag #aplacecalledhome, or post it on our Facebook wall.

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Creating a home
with Minecraft

What we want from a house changes as we move through life. We asked a group of children to imagine their ideal home using Minecraft, and the outcome was eye-opening. We also set first-time buyers the same task, and the results will be posted soon.

We took to the streets of Leeds and London to ask people about their feelings and emotions around home. Unsurprisingly, different people felt different things, but some themes were consistent throughout.

What is home? Watch the video.