Environment & Climate Change

We’re on a mission to build a greener society by ensuring high environmental standards become integrated into all business operations. We’ll achieve this through four ambitions:

  • Further embedding operational environmental standards
  • Developing our carbon emission reduction commitment
  • Addressing the financial risks of climate change
  • Growing communications and engagement

Carbon Footprint

Our environmental footprint includes energy, water and waste from our buildings. It also includes the overall impacts we have on the communities we serve through areas such as business travel, colleague commuting and biodiversity.

We have progressively reduced our environmental impacts by investing in efficient resource use, improving waste management and engaging colleagues in supporting our efforts in becoming more sustainable.

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    Independent assurance of our carbon footprint (2012-2020) and data related to our use of electricity, gas, business travel, water use and waste generation has demonstrated our significant progress – since 2012 we have reduced our carbon footprint by 47%.

    In 2020, the Society’s emissions increased by 4% compared to 2019 due to a 57% increase in natural gas consumption. Natural gas consumption has increased due to the Society adhering to government guidance on the regulation of buildings during Covid-19.

    You can view our latest carbon footprint here.

Climate Change & TCFD

At YBS we have a vision to build a greener society, we are committed to embedding high environmental standards into all business and financial operations  to support our purpose to provide Real Help with Real Life. The Society believes the transition towards a Net-Zero economy should be inclusive and accessible to all, we shall always remain committed to helping our customers find a place to call home. 

We will be releasing our TCFD report in Q1 2022, which will disclose our qualitative physical and transitional risks of climate change. The Society will further be formally announcing our purposeful climate action plan.

You can find out more here.