Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO)

Residential properties let on an individual bedroom basis, with other shared common facilities such as kitchen, living room and bathroom.
What we look for:
HMO landlords with experience of this property type (min 12 months), but not overly exposed to it.  This is because specialist knowledge is needed, but we don’t want to be too restricted to changing markets.
All licensing requirements should be complied with – as we take the legislation to protect tenants seriously. 
Located where there are other HMO properties and demand is consistent and sustainable – as long term viability for all is key.
Not geographically concentrated – we don’t want the customer or ourselves to be reliant on a single area.
Properties should be furnished – as this is what tenants expect and is how to operate successfully in this sector.
Rental income, excluding any bills included, should meet a higher ICR threshold of 150%, at the appropriate product stress rate. This is because bills are often included for simplicity of the letting, rental income per property is higher, as usually are costs of operation.
£5m maximum lending on HMOs and £1.5m max per property – this is to cap the exposure to what we think are responsible levels for all involved.
What we won’t do:
HMO properties with more than 12 bedrooms – as these are considered too large for our credit policy, and also require much more intensive management.
HMO properties used for local authority emergency accommodation, probation or rehabilitation – again these are seen as too specialist.

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