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Is a tracker mortgage right for me?

  • Tracker mortgages track the Bank of England Base Rate (a variable rate of interest) over a specified period of time.
  • This means that the interest rate you are charged will rise when the Base Rate increases and fall if it decreases, affecting your mortgage payments in the same way.
  • A minimum rate of interest is applied to Tracker products (‘the collar’) which means that when the Base Rate falls, the interest rate you pay also falls but won’t go below this minimum rate of interest.
  • A maximum rate of interest if applied to a Tracker product is called a “cap”. This means that if the Base Rate increases, the interest rate you pay will not go above this maximum/cap.
  • If you’re interested in Tracker mortgages, you need to make sure you are happy to accept the risk that your mortgage payments would increase in the future if the Base Rate rises.
  • You have the right to repay the loan either partially or in full during the term of the loan.
  • Early Repayment Charges and other fees and charges apply.

Alternatives to tracker mortgages


Fix your mortgage interest rate, so it won’t change over a set period of time, regardless of what is happening to interest rates elsewhere.



Use your savings to offset against the balance of your mortgage and reduce the interest you pay.


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Important information

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  • Not all mortgage products allow you to apply online

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