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Could you boost your chances of getting a mortgage?

How can you prepare your finances for your mortgage application?
What’s a soft credit check?
How could you improve your credit score?

What will you need to spend when you apply for a mortgage?

When you pay for a valuation, will you need a survey too?
Will you need to pay stamp duty?
How much will a solicitor cost?
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We have a range of mortgage types available with terms from 5 to 40 years.

Find out how much to save for a deposit

Add in your expected property price or we can estimate by location.

We can tell you what the deposit amount could be and how long it will take to save.

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Moves and mortgages explained

What is a mortgage?
A mortgage is a type of loan designed to help you buy property or land.
How does a mortgage work?
If you want to buy property or a piece of land, you might decide to approach a mortgage lender and ask to borrow the money.

The lender will assess your financial history and decide whether they are willing to loan the money to you and how much they will charge you for the mortgage.

When you apply for a mortgage, you usually need to put down a percentage of the cost of the property you want to buy. This is called a deposit.

The rest of the cost to buy the property is what you borrow and that is the mortgage loan.

You will sign a mortgage contract with your lender that agrees the terms of your mortgage loan such as,
how much you will pay back per month
the interest rate you will pay
the mortgage term or how many years you’ll have to pay the money back to the lender.
What does it mean when people say, "getting on the property ladder"?
A “property ladder” is a metaphor for the different steps you might take in owning property. From your first step buying your first home, to selling your first house to buy your next home, on your next step on your property ladder.

There could be many steps over a lifetime but there are no rules. Some people will only ever buy one or two homes in their lifetime.