How to switch your mortgage deal

If you already have a YBS mortgage
It’s easy to switch.

If your current deal is coming to an end or has already ended, we can help you move to a new deal. Simply search for a deal that suits you and ask to switch.

New to YBS?
If you don’t have a YBS mortgage but would like to move to YBS,
visit our pages for remortgaging, home movers or find mortgage deals.
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How switching deal works

Number 1

We send a reminder

Around 120 days before your current deal is due to end, we'll contact you. We only offer you deals that we know you're eligible for.
Number 2

Review your options

See your options and find a deal online. Or you can speak to our team about your options over the phone.
Number 3

Switch your deal

Switch online or over the phone. Once you’ve paid any fees we’ll confirm your new deal with a letter in the post.
Number 4

Check your interest rate

If the interest rate on your chosen deal drops before your switch takes place, you can ask to switch rate. You can do this until 2 weeks before you switch.

Important to know

Once you’ve accepted your new deal, this is binding. The only exception to this is if the interest rate reduces before your new deal starts.

For example: A 2 year fixed deal at 6.99% (75% LTV, £995 fee and free valuation) is withdrawn and replaced with a 2 year fixed deal at 6.49% (75% LTV, £995 fee and free valuation). The only change here is the rate. The other features of the deal have stayed the same.

It’s your responsibility to check our current range of deals before your new deal starts.

It’s also your responsibility to ask to switch your deal. You can switch your deal as many times as you like until up to 2 weeks before your new rate begins. You can log in to your YBS mortgage at any time to check our current deals. 

Reasons to switch mortgage deal

It’s quick and easy 
You can switch your deal in just over a week. It can take between 4 to 8 weeks if you were to move to another lender.

Get a new deal without more checks
No need to apply again. We only offer you deals that we know you can get.

You won’t need a conveyancer
You won't need a conveyancer to switch deal. You would if you remortgaged to another lender.
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Things to consider

What happens if I don't switch?
If you don't do anything, then your mortgage will go onto our Standard Variable Rate (SVR). If you stay on an SVR mortgage:
Your mortgage payments could go up or down
You can make unlimited overpayments
You can pay your mortgage off early without any Early Repayment Charges.
Quick checklist
If the mortgage is in joint names, you must have the authority to switch deal on behalf of all applicants
The property should be your main residence
Your mortgage must be no more than one month behind with payments. It must have no more than one missed payment in the last 12 months
We need up to 7 days to switch to a new deal. If you choose to switch with less than 7 days of your current deal left,
your interest rate may go back to our Standard Variable Rate (currently 8.24%). This could mean your monthly payment increases.
We’re unable to offer the following online
Making changes to interest only mortgages
Borrowing more or making a lump sum payment
Changes to term or repayment type
YBS staff mortgages – if you work for YBS and want to switch please call us on 0345 166 9510.
If you are trying to do any of these, please call us.

Switch your YBS mortgage to a new deal

Review your options and switch

You’ll need your mortgage account number. You can find this on any letter we've sent you about your mortgage.

Will I receive advice?

Get help from an expert

Talk to one of our friendly team about your options.

Will I receive advice?
It’s your choice
9am to 5pm Monday to Friday
9am to 1pm Saturday
Calls to 03 numbers are charged at the same rate as 01 or 02 numbers from all phones.
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Reasons to stay with YBS

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If you’re a member, the Society belongs to you. No external shareholders, just people like you.

Loyalty savings accounts
Access to exclusive savings accounts for YBS members.

Part of the community
From educational programmes to supporting people in challenging situations. We care for our community.


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Calls to 03 numbers are charged at the same rate as 01 or 02 numbers from all phones.
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