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Transferring shares

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Whether you wish to transfer your paper share certificates to be held electronically or transfer an account you currently hold with another broker, simply fill in the necessary forms and we will arrange the transfer.

Transferring shares from another broker

Simply complete a transfer form (544 KB) and send it to:

Yorkshire Building Society Share Dealing Service
c/o Jarvis Investment Management plc
78 Mount Ephraim
Tunbridge Wells
Kent TN4 8BS

Please note - We do not charge a transfer fee, but your current provider may charge your transfer/closure fees.

Transferring your shares certificates to us

If you wish to transfer your share certificates into your Trading Account simply print off and fill in a Crest transfer form (53 KB) and then send it, recorded delivery, in with your share certificate(s) to the address above.

Crest Transfer Forms Guidance notes

You cannot transfer existing share holdings directly into an ISA. However, we can help you sell them and re-purchase them within the ISA through a process called this is called BED & ISA.

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Bed and ISA guide

Did you know you can take advantage of your ISA allowance without having to subscribe any new money by using a process known as "Bed and ISA."

You simply instruct us to sell shares you already hold and transfer the proceeds (up to the annual allowance limit) to your Stocks & Shares ISA - the proceeds are then used to buy back your shares. Please note that when buying the same shares back there will be a small difference in price due to the bid/offer spread , and government stamp duty will apply on the purchase - this means you will not be able to buy back the exact same number of shares.

Existing Customers

If you hold shares in a Trading Account all you need to do is call the trading line on 01892 700 802 with details of which shares you would like to Bed and ISA from your account and we will then execute the orders and you will receive contract notes confirming the trade details.

If you hold the share certificate(s), send them to us, together with a signed Crest transfer form (53 KB) (one for each holding) and a letter with your instructions - please ensure you open a Stocks & Shares ISA before sending us your certificates.

Click here for guidance notes on how to complete Crest transfer form.

New customers

First you will need to open a Stocks & Shares ISA and then follow the 'existing customer' instructions.

Click here for details/to apply for a Stocks & Shares ISA

If you would like any more information, please call 01892 700 802 or email us at ybsenquiries@jarvisim.co.uk


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Crest Transfer Forms Guidance notes

What details do I need to put on the form?

The only fields you will need to fill in are;

  • Name of Undertaking : e.g. Marks and Spencer
  • Description of Security : e.g. Ord 25p
  • Please complete form in type or in block capitals : write the total holding in words e.g. ONE HUNDRED
  • Figures : write the total holding numerically e.g. 100 in the Name (s) of : provide the FULL name and address of the owner (s)
  • Please sign here : all owners should sign the form where indicated

You should also note the following:

You need to fill in one CREST transfer form for each share holding. If all certificates are for the same stock then you only need to fill in one form. For an example of this form click here. (224 KB)

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Yorkshire Building Society share dealing service is provided by Jarvis Investment management Ltd (Jarvis), and Jarvis is entirely responsible for the performance of the services. Jarvis Investment Management Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Jarvis is a member of the London Stock Exchange and NEX Exchange, and an approved HM Revenue & Customs ISA manager.

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