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Member benefits

As a building society we’re run differently from a bank. We don’t have external shareholders to satisfy, instead we’re here for the benefit of you, our members. The money we earn is given back to you in interest rates or goes towards paying for the service we provide or gets re-invested to build a stronger society for the future.

Discover the benefits of being a member of our society.

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Your community

We’re committed to creating a lasting positive impact in the communities of our members and colleagues.

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Get involved

It’s on us to keep you informed, and be transparent in how we work. This means you get a say in how we run things– like voting in our Annual General Meeting, going along to a ‘Your Time to Talk’ member event or being part of our exclusive online research community


A dentist, a shoemaker and a plumber walk into a pub…No we’re not joking! From our humble beginnings in Huddersfield over 150 years ago, we’ve always been committed to helping people find a place to call home and save for their future.

Media Centre

Keeping you up to date with the latest news from the UK’s third largest building society.

Environment & Climate Change

Understanding our impact on the environment and the risks of Climate Change is central to how we carry out business. Read more about how we’re building a greener society.