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Look out for a change in the appearance of your YBS website soon. We are redesigning the site and will be launching the new website in the next few weeks.


Online security is as vital to you - as it is to us

To verify your identity, we currently use your date of birth and your password. For your added protection and to keep our website at the forefront of internet security, we use an additional security measure that uses the telephone.

How it works

The new transaction confirmation service provides additional security through an automated call to you using a phone number you have registered with us on which you can be contacted at the time of the transaction.

It is therefore important to ensure that your contact details are up to date and that, wherever possible, you provide us with a mobile number so that we can always contact you. You can log-in to check and update your contact details.

If you log-in regularly to check your accounts but rarely transact online, you may not be affected by it for some time. If, however, you make payments regularly to new destinations, you'll become familiar with the transaction confirmation service very soon.

Either way there's no need to worry - the service is easy to use and you're in control as you select which of your registered phone numbers you can be contacted on and you don't need to speak at all.

For more information on our online security, visit Our security promise.

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