Login will be just as secure but the changes we're planning will make it quicker and easier to log in.

How do the changes affect me?

You'll see the first change this summer, when we reduce the number of screens that you need to complete to log in to your account.

As the details you need to log in are the same, the change should simply make it quicker to enter those details and access your account. However, if you currently use the ‘remember me’ option to avoid the need to enter your customer number or username at each login, then the first time you use the new login, you will need to enter it. After that you will be able to select ‘remember me’ again and this will take you straight to the second login screen in future.

What do I need to do?

To ensure you can continue to access your account online, make sure you know your customer number (this is not your account number) or username now. If you don’t have a username yet and still use your customer number, why not set one up next time you log in to make it easier to remember your login details.

I have lost my customer number

If you opened your account online your customer number will be in the letter we sent confirming your new account was open.

If you registered for online services, you may have a letter with your customer number in it. Alternatively, you may have set up a username - this can be used in place of a customer number when logging in.

If you cannot locate your customer number or username, please contact us:

9am - 5pm Mon to Fri
9am - 1pm Sat

Receiving your login access code

If you currently receive a phone call during the login, there is a further change which you need to be aware of. In future the phone call will give you the access code and you will enter the 6 digits into the login screen. This will remove the current reliance on the outdated touch-tone method currently used that can sometimes lead to failures. Please note that the phone number and the voice on the call will be different as well.

Did you know that if you register your mobile phone number we can send you the 6 digit code by text instead of over the phone, making it easier and quicker to complete your login? Next time you log in, why not update your contact details to add your mobile number?

What's next?

This is the first of a number of changes to improve your online experience. Later we will be introducing stronger passwords, adding new ways to complete the login and making it easier to manage your accounts once you have accessed the website.

Have you tried our Savings App?

Did you know the we now have a mobile app which allows you to view your savings accounts with secure easy access, make payments and view your personal details? Find out more.

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