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All about making payments between your YBS accounts.

If you have registered to access your YBS accounts online then you will be able to transfer funds to other accounts you hold with us.

Transferring to another YBS account from your online account

  1. From the 'My Accounts' screen, click on the account you are transferring from and then select the 'Transfer Money' option.
  2. Choose the account you wish to send funds to from the 'Yorkshire Building Society accounts' list or (if you don't see your account) click 'Transfer to new account' and enter a payment amount.
  3. To transfer funds to an account that is already listed then you just need to check and confirm the transfer or, if it's a new account, simply enter the 10-digit account number and confirm. You will be able to add any new YBS destination account to your list to make it easier to make it easier to do transfers in the future.

What are the timescales?

If you make the transfer before 8pm, the funds will show in the destination account immediately. If the transfer is done after 8pm then the funds will show after midnight.

Please note, how much you can transfer to another savings account will depend on whether there are any restrictions on the amount the destination account can receive. If you are making overpayments on your mortgage you may incur Early Repayment Charges. You should refer to the terms & conditions of your account if you want to know if there are any restrictions.

Setting up a regular transfer between YBS accounts

  1. As above, from the 'My Accounts' screen, click on the account you are transferring from and then select the 'Transfer Money' option.
  2. Click on 'Regular transfers' and then 'New regular transfer' on the next screen.
  3. Enter the details of the new destination account, the amount to transfer, when you want the first payment to be made and the frequency of your payment (e.g. weekly, monthly etc).

Please note, you should make sure that there are enough funds in your account on the day of the payment to ensure that the transfer can be made.

Did you know?

You can transfer money to your YBS mortgage account as well as another savings account. How much you can pay off your mortgage will depend on your terms & conditions (details can be found on your mortgage offer letter)

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