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Later life planning


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Peace of mind

It may not be a task anyone looks forward to, but by making a will you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve got your plans and affairs in order.

Having a will in place allows you to detail what will happen to your property and assets when you pass away.

If you pass away intestate, which means without making a will, your assets will be distributed according to the law, which isn’t always the way you might want. Making a will is the only way to make sure your money and possessions go to the people that you choose.

We choose to work with Hugh James to provide will writing and legal services.

I don’t need a will do I?

Some common misconceptions

  • Everything will go to my family anyway. If you pass away without a valid will you’ll have no say in what happens to your estate.
  • Wills are just for the wealthy. Everyone should have a will even if they believe they’ve not got much to leave.
  • Once I've made a will it's difficult to change it. You can change your will as your circumstances change, though there’ll be a charge for this.
  • I'm too young to consider making a will. The earlier Inheritance Tax Planning starts, the better protected loved ones will be
  • I'll have to pay for a solicitor.  Anyone can write a will themselves but using a solicitor ensures that everything is set up correctly – and could prevent some mistakes later down the line.

If you are not married and haven't made a will, your partner has no entitlement to anything – even if you have children together.

Why you should make a will

  • By making a will you decide how your estate, such as your money, property and possessions, are left to your family or loved ones
  • Not all of your estate is automatically passed on to your spouse or children as you may have wanted. By recording it in a will you’ll control exactly what happens
  • It will help avoid leaving complications to your loved ones during a difficult time
  • No one expects it will happen to their family, but unfortunately not having the details of your wishes recorded could cause rifts amongst family members
  • If you’re not married, in the eyes of the law your partner, even if you have children, would not be entitled to anything. In some cases this would even include the family home
  • You may be able to reduce paying more Inheritance Tax than you need to, leaving more to your loved ones
  • If you have young children you can specify who the guardians are. Always check with the chosen guardian first before you decide this
  • You can detail any wishes you may have about leaving any money to a charity
  • It’s not just about money; you can record details of who you’d like to pass on any of your family heirlooms, personal gifts or keepsakes to
  • You can choose who you would like to deal with your will to ensure your wishes are honoured.  This person is called the executor. The executor can be, for instance, a relative or a family friend.
  • The peace of mind to know your loved ones will be looked after.


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What happens if you dont have a will in place
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How much does it cost to write a will?

The cost of writing a will can vary depending on what option you choose – from a DIY version without legal assistance, online self-service versions and ones where you use a specialist legal professional who is regulated and insured, like Hugh James.

Using a legal specialist like Hugh James ensures there is no ambiguity in the wording or misunderstanding of any legal term, allowing the estate to be distributed as intended. It also reduces the chance of any significant impact on the length of time it takes to administer an estate.

The cost of a single will with Hugh James starts from £145 (including VAT), as of February 2017.

Why have we chosen to work with Hugh James?

Hugh James have a large and experienced wills, trusts and legal services team who specialise in all matters relating to estate planning.

They pride themselves on delivering confidential and discreet advice in relation to the different types of wills available to meet your specific financial and family circumstances.

We’ve worked hard to gain your trust and we only work with companies who share the same values and beliefs as Yorkshire Building Society. Hugh James have over 50 years’ experience, and 600 staff members specialising in legal matters – they are a top 100 UK law firm, but they’ve kept a personal, down-to-earth approach, based on finding the right solutions for their clients.

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Yorkshire Building Society chooses to introduce its customers to Hugh James Solicitors for the purposes of advising on and arranging will writing and legal services administration. Hugh James is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA number 3030202) and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Hugh James head office is Hodge House, 114-116 St Mary Street, Cardiff CF10 1DY.Will writing and legal services are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
Not all forms of Inheritance Tax Planning are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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