Homemovers not put off by Friday 13th, according to Yorkshire Building Society

It may be regarded as one of the unluckiest days of the year, but it seems superstitious associations do not prevent homeowners from moving on Friday 13th, with Yorkshire Building Society reporting an above average number of mortgage completions on that day.

Data from the mutual shows that of the nine superstitious Friday 13th dates in the last five years[i], five[ii] have seen a higher-than-average[iii] number of customers moving house on that day, suggesting the spooky superstition makes no difference to borrowers.

Paraskevidekatriaphobia, otherwise known as a fear of Friday 13th, is thought to hinder those with the condition from carrying out their normal routines so milestone events such as moving house would simply be out of the question.

Janice Barber, mortgage manager at Yorkshire Building Society, said:

Considering a phobia of Friday 13th can be so serious it can leave people paralysed with fear, it doesn’t seem to get in the way of people moving house.

We appreciate it’s only a small representation of the total homemoving market on these notable days but it’s interesting nonetheless to see borrowers seemingly reject the superstition that it could be unlucky to complete such a big event as moving house on Friday 13th.

Friday 13th facts:

  • There is always at least one Friday 13th in a calendar year, with some years having up to three.
  • The longest period possible without a Friday 13th is 14 months.
  • Famous people born on Friday 13th include former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (October 13th, 1925), Cuban leader Fidel Castro (August 13th, 1926) and US outlaw Butch Cassidy (April 13th, 1866).
  • US President Franklin Roosevelt was famously afraid of Friday 13th, refusing to travel on the thirteenth day of the month or to hold dinner parties with 13 guests.
  • About 28% of UK roads do not have a number 13, including Downing Street. Lewes District Council and Herefordshire County Council have gone as far as banning developers from creating a number 13 on new roads.

[i] Friday 13th dates between September 2013 and April 2018.

[ii] On the below Friday 13th dates Yorkshire Building Society recorded above monthly average number of completions:

 Date  % Increase completions compared to monthly average
 Friday 13th December 2013  +64%
 Friday 13th June 2014  +1%
 Friday 13th November 2015  +13%
 Friday 13th January 2017  +5%
 Friday 13th October 2017  +5%

The remaining four dates were 13th September 2013; 13th February 2015; 13th March 2015 and 13th May 2016.

[iii] Calculations based on daily average for the month in which Friday 13th falls i.e. On Friday 13th December 2013 the Yorkshire witnessed a 64% increase in mortgage applications compared to the December 2013 average daily completions.

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