We've been helping our members save for over 150 years

But it’s clear, as a nation we aren’t saving enough. We're a nation of spenders not savers.

In comparison to the rest of Europe, the UK comes 19th in the league table of savers!

In fact, our research shows:*



Saving can be difficult. Everyday challenges and juggling the demands of a busy life can limit how much we put away. But the consequences of not saving are increasingly clear – for mental health, for personal relationships and working lives.

Money worries are costing the economy up to £51bn a year.**


But it doesn’t have to be like this.

We’ve introduced award winning financial-wellbeing measures for our colleagues to help them improve their financial resilience. And we’re committed to helping more people become more financially resilient – by encouraging employers to help their staff save, helping improve financial education, and changing how we think about saving as well.

We have set a target to Get Britain Saving

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By 2024 we want to get 1.8m people into a savings habit.

It’s no small task. But our experience of using the workplace to get people saving shows it can be done.

Innovative tools have encouraged non-savers to put a little bit away each month, and employers can help improve their staff's understanding of personal finances.

You can read more about how in our report:

Using the workplace to get Britain saving

If you want to save, or save more, try our budget calculator to see what you can afford.

Budget calculator

If you’re an employer, read how we can help your teams save with our workplace saving options.

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*YBS analysis of the Financial Conduct Authority’s Financial Lives Survey. https://www.fca.org.uk/
**Based on a survey of 10,053 people conducted online by Salary Finance. https://www.salaryfinance.com/

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