Heartbleed vulnerability

Our websites are not susceptible to the security flaw Heartbleed

17 April 2014

Following widespread news coverage regarding a web vulnerability called ‘Heartbleed’, the Society can confirm that its websites are not affected by this problem.

Members should be reassured that the Yorkshire Building Society Group treats the security of its customers’ information with the utmost priority, and that our website security teams have confirmed that our websites are not susceptible to the security flaw referred to in the media.

Our website security teams run regular security tests against our sites, and we use robust security processes to ensure our customers are protected. Customers do not need to change their YBS Group passwords. However, if you are concerned that your password may have been compromised or would like to change your password for peace of mind, please contact us.

What about other websites?

Many sites have been affected by this vulnerability, including many popular social media sites, email providers and shopping sites.

If you are concerned about the security of your information on any of the services you use, contact those sites directly.

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