A more contemporary look for YBS

For over 150 years we've built our business by helping thousands of people to save for the future and buy their own homes. We've taken pride in being solid, dependable and trustworthy. That's not changing - it's at the very heart of who we are.

We also know it's important to respond to how the world is changing, to evolve so that we can continually offer great service and value. That's why, after speaking to lots of customers, we've decided to change the way we look.

Our new look

From 2nd June we'll begin to have a more contemporary design, including a new logo. You'll notice the change when you call into our branches or agencies, visit the website or when you receive communications from us.

To help make clear to our customers that Yorkshire Building Society is part of a family of brands, we’ve also introduced a new YBS Group logo. The YBS Group includes Norwich & Peterborough Building Society, Barnsley Building Society, Chelsea Building Society and Egg.

Our new look brings to life the fact that we are as relevant now as the day we were founded 150 years ago. It will help us to attract new customers and grow our business in a financially sustainable way - so that we can continue to invest in products and services for all our customers.

Rest assured

Yorkshire Building Society Group treats the security of its customers’ information with the utmost priority. Our website security teams run regular security tests on our sites. Our members can be assured that the changes we have made to the website have been reviewed in line with the latest technological advances and fully tested by the robust security processes we maintain.

Should you have any security worries regarding the Yorkshire Building Society website or the emails you receive from us, you can find out more about online security here.

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