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Get a lending decision in just 10 minutes

Based on the details you provide, we can quickly advise you if we are able to provide you with a mortgage.

What is an Approval in Principle (AIP)?

An AIP will provide you with a lending decision. Based on the details you provide, we can quickly provide you with a decision on whether we can offer you a mortgage, and if so, how much we are prepared to lend to you.

Get a lending decision in just 10 minutes

It takes just 10 minutes

Simply provide us with your details and in just 10 minutes we’ll tell you whether we can lend to you and how much.

It lasts for 30 days

It lasts for 30 days

An Approval in Principle (AIP) is valid for 30 days. You can continue and submit your full application straight away or save your AIP and complete it later.

It's FREE!

It's FREE!

You will not be charged for getting a lending decision. However, fees apply to a full mortgage application. You’ll be given a breakdown of these prior to submitting an application.

What do I need to begin?

Before requesting a lending decision, you should have the following information to hand:

Your income

Information about your salary, including regular bonuses and overtime. Any benefits received including child maintenance.

Your outgoings

Information about any loans, including student loans. Credit cards and overdraft usage. Child care and child maintenance payments. Any existing mortgages you have.

Can I afford it?

Use our mortgage calculators to help you understand how much you could be paying each month and how much we may be prepared to lend you.

Other things to consider

  • The property to be mortgaged must be in the UK and where you intend to live.
  • You need to be at least 18.
  • You should consider the length of the mortgage term and whether it will extend beyond your expected retirement. If it does, we cannot accept an application online and you would need to apply in branch, or by telephone.
  • When you request a lending decision we will obtain details from a credit reference agency and this will leave a record of our check on your credit file.
  • You must have been permanently resident in the UK for at least two years to apply for a mortgage with us. Applicants must be UK citizens or hold a European passport.
  • We only offer Yorkshire Building Society mortgages.
  • We do not currently offer loans that are defined as “Foreign Currency Loans” by the European Mortgage Credit Directive. We therefore cannot take into consideration any income that is paid in or converted from a currency other than UK sterling. Neither can we lend to a customer who lives outside the UK.

To help your mortgage application go as smoothly as possible, read our lending criteria before proceeding.

What happens after I’ve got my Approval in Principle?

When you have had an offer accepted on a property, come back to us and continue with your full mortgage application. You can do this in one of the following ways:

Continue with your application:

Apply online

Apply online

You can apply online within 30 days of receiving the Approval in Principle.
Please be aware that when applying online, you won’t receive any advice on your application.

Or, If you need advice, you can:

Visit us

Visit us

If you need advice as to the suitability of any of our mortgage products, or if you have any questions regarding the application process, visit one of our branches nationwide and talk to one of our qualified mortgage advisers.

Call us

Call us

If you need further advice on the application process or you need additional support before proceeding with your application, please call us on our mortgage helpline number.

0345 166 9510 *

Ok, I'm ready!

If you have all the information to hand, and have read this page then you are ready to proceed.
In just 10 minutes we can provide you with a mortgage lending decision.