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Who is eligible for an Easy Access Savings Account?

To get an Easy Access Savings Account with YBS, you’ll need to be a UK resident and aged 11 or over (for under 11s accounts can be opened in trust). The account can either be held on your own or jointly with another person.

For an easy access ISA your account must be held in your name only and you must be aged 16 or above and a UK resident for tax purposes. Crown employees, or those married or in a civil partnership with a Crown employee, may also qualify.

How can I access my savings account?

You can make payments from your Easy Access Savings Account by Faster Payment, CHAPS payment or cash and cheque withdrawals. Transactions can be made online or by mobile, by post or in a YBS branch or agency. Payments can be made by telephone if your account terms allow and if you have a web-enabled account. Read our guide to making payments from your account to find out more.

Is there a charge for accessing my account?

Making a payment through Easy Access Savings Accounts carries no charge for Faster Payments, and cash or cheque withdrawals. For CHAPS payments there is a £23.50 charge per transaction.

How many times can I withdraw from my savings?

How often you can withdraw from your savings will depend on the type of account you choose with us. With some accounts you can take money out as often as you want to, others offer limited access.

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Your eligible deposits with Yorkshire Building Society are protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK's deposit guarantee scheme.

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