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Easy Access savings accounts

Keep your savings within easy reach

However you want to access your savings, we've got accounts to suit you. From accounts with ATM access so you can withdraw money whenever you want, to accounts that allow you to view your balance and transactions online.

Our Easy Access savings accounts

Offset Savings Account

It could help you to pay off your mortgage quicker or reduce your monthly repayments
  • You must have an Offset Mortgage if you want to have an Offset Savings account
  • No interest is earned on your savings but you can use your savings to reduce the cost of your mortgage (interest on your mortgage is only charged on the difference between your offset mortgage balance and your offset savings balance)
  • Open up to 3 savings accounts for separate needs with the combined balances offsetting the cost of your mortgage
  • Withdrawals are unlimited (subject to daily withdrawal amounts) but any withdrawals you make will impact the benefit to your mortgage you gain by holding an Offset Savings Account.
  • Get 24-hour access to your money with a card you can use at any LINK ATM
  • Manage your account online

Access Saver


gross p.a./AER variable

  • Open your account with £1 or more
  • Withdraw money whenever you like with no loss of interest
  • Manage your account with a Passbook in any of our branches, or online
  • Register to view your balance, manage payments and transfer money online whenever you choose
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Need help with interest definitions?

If you are unclear what something means, our Savings glossary can help.

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Easy Access accounts not right for you?

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Interest rates

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Help & support

Find out more about how to open accounts, make deposits and access your money.

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