Money saving tips this Christmas

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Christmas is an expensive time of year for many but it doesn't need to be. We've put together our top tips to save you money this festive season so you can stop worrying about the cost and start enjoying yourself.

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Setting a budget

Setting a budget upfront for all your Christmas expenses let’s you know how much you need to save in advance and stops you spending more than you can afford to. List out all the items you’ll need to buy from gifts and decorations to travel and food. Keep referring back to it to make sure you stay on track.

Send an e-card

Christmas cards aren’t cheap so why not opt for an e-card instead? You can personalise them and even make them sing and dance, all while saving money (and the environment!).

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Secret Santa

You won’t be the only one feeling the pinch so why not suggest setting up Secret Santa with your family and friends? This means you only need to buy one present for the whole group, saving you money and hassle. It’s really simple to set up thanks to websites like Elfster and adds a bit of fun!

Grab yourself a bargain

There are plenty of festive sales and discounts to enjoy but don’t get carried away! Start with a list of what you need and stick to it. After all, you’ll undo any savings if you buy too much! You could also consider ‘pre-loved’ and ‘nearly new’ gifts that with some savvy shopping you can find in mint condition but costing less than brand new.

The homemade touch

Loved ones may appreciate the effort of a homemade gift while you save on expensive retail mark-ups. Sites like Pinterest can provide the inspiration you need. It’s a great activity to get the kids involved in too and keep them busy over the holiday season. Presentation is key so brush up on those wrapping skills and your giftee might not even realise you made it yourself!
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The big food shop

Are your eyes bigger than your stomach? It’s easy to over buy food at Christmas; after all, it’s one of the highlights of the season! But throwing away leftovers is throwing away money. Be realistic about how much you really need. How hungry will your family be after raiding all the chocolate boxes? And be wary of overpriced packaged food. It may look pretty in its seasonal box but you could make it yourself for a fraction of the price.

Trains & planes

When using public transport, don’t forget to book in advance to get the best prices. It pays to be flexible as well, so be open to travelling on different days or times to find the cheapest deal. If you’re flying, remember to check out alternative airports too as they could be cheaper.

Driving home for Christmas

Get your Chris Rea CD at the ready! If you’re driving home to see the family, a few simple tips can save you money. Before you set off, get your car serviced to make sure it’s running efficiently and remove any bike racks or unnecessary items to cut back on drag and weight. If you can, fill up before you get on the motorway to get the best priced fuel, and don’t rush! According to Energy Saving Trust, one of the keys to saving fuel is driving at a constant speed, cruise control can do this effectively, making your driving as fuel efficient as possible. Plus, nobody wants a speeding ticket for Christmas!
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We hope you find these tips helpful, and remember it’s never too early to start saving for next year! Set aside a little each month and take the strain off next year's wallet. Your future self will thank you.

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