Charitable Foundation

Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation was established in 1998 as a registered charity independent of YBS Group.

It is run by five trustees, two of which are colleagues and three who are independent. Since it made its first donation in 1999, the Charitable Foundation has made a difference to local communities across the UK by donating over £7 million to charities and good causes recommended by colleagues and members.

To review the annual Report and Accounts of the Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation, please visit Charity Commissions Webpage.


Who does the Charitable Foundation support?

The Charitable Foundation has two priority areas:

1. Alleviating poverty
2. Improving health / saving lives

The Charitable Foundation supports these priorities by making donations of up to £2,000 to UK registered charities, recommended by the Society’s members and colleagues.

We’re proud to support beneficiaries such as children, those who are seriously ill, as well as elderly, homeless and disabled people.

Click on the map above to see details of donations we’ve recently made all over the UK.

See below for a great project we have recently supported:


How is the Foundation funded?

The Society’s members and colleagues largely fund the Charitable Foundation through the YBS Group’s Small Change Big Difference®(SCBD) scheme.

The SCBD scheme invites members to donate the annual pence of interest from their savings or mortgage accounts to the Charitable Foundation. Every penny received through the scheme is used directly to help charities. Together, these small sums of money make a huge difference in the communities where our members live and work.

You can sign up by clicking the button below or by visiting your local branch.

Sign up to make a Big Difference

What does the Charitable Foundation support?

The Charitable Foundation considers applications to fund specific projects and/or items that will have a positive impact to the charity’s beneficiaries.

To be considered for a CF donation the charity must meet the following criteria:

  • UK registered charity, with beneficiaries in the UK
  • Funding will either help alleviate poverty, improve health or save lives
  • Be recommended by one of our members or colleagues
  • No donation from the YBS Charitable Foundation in the last 2 years

The following will NOT be considered:

  • Charities supporting a specific sector of society, based on faith or political beliefs
  • Charities supporting animals
  • Funds towards ongoing running costs (including office equipment)
  • Contributions to capital fundraising appeals
  • Funding research projects
  • Donations to an individual beneficiary
  • Sponsorship requests


How do I make a recommendation?

All applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis by our Trustees.

The Trustees decide which applications to approve based on the need of each charity and how much funds are available. Once Trustees have reviewed all applications, we will inform the colleague or member and the charities of their decision. Donations are sent directly to successful charities at the end of each quarter.

The deadlines for applications are: 31 March, 30 June, 30 September and 31 December annually. Applications are currently being accepted and you can nominate a charity here.