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Charitable Foundation

Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation was established in 1998 as a registered charity independent of YBS Group.

It is run by five trustees, two of which are colleagues and three who are independent. Since it made its first donation in 1999, the Charitable Foundation has made a difference to local communities across the UK by donating over £7 million to charities and good causes recommended by colleagues and members.

To review the annual Report and Accounts of the Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation, please visit Charity Commissions Webpage.


Who does the Charitable Foundation support?

The Charitable Foundation’s two priority areas are alleviating poverty and improving health / saving lives. To do so the Charitable Foundation makes donations to UK registered charities, recommended by the Society’s members and colleagues, who support beneficiaries such as children, those who are seriously ill, as well as the elderly, homeless and disabled people.

How is the Foundation funded?

The Society’s members and colleagues largely fund the Charitable Foundation through the YBS Group’s Small Change Big Difference® scheme. Signing up to the scheme is a great way for our customers and employees to support the charities that matter most, by donating the annual pence of interest from their savings or mortgage accounts to the Charitable Foundation. Rather than accepting applications directly from charities, members and colleagues can recommend registered charities that are most important to them to receive a donation from £250 up to a maximum of £2,000. All of this is made possible through the Small Change Big Difference® scheme. You can sign up using the form below or by visiting your local branch.

Small change big difference®

The average donation is less than 50p per year and the maximum is just 99p. This provides the majority of the funding for the Charitable Foundation and every penny received through the scheme is used directly to help charities in your local communities.

If you'd like to join and make a difference, then you’re welcome you on board! All you need to do is click the ‘Join Now’ button below:
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What does the Charitable Foundation support?

The Charitable Foundation considers applications to fund a specific project and/or items that will have a positive impact to the charity’s beneficiaries. Examples of these could be: sensory toys for children with special needs, social activities for the vulnerable/isolated elderly or training of charity employees to deliver programmes to help their beneficiaries.

Applications for general ongoing funding, running costs, contributions towards large funding, research, individual beneficiaries, sponsorship, payment of salaries or expenses are not eligible, nor are the requests for office items / IT equipment for the charity’s own use. We are unable to consider requests from charities that only support a specific sector of society based on ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation or political beliefs.

How do I make a recommendation?

If you are a YBS, CBS or N&P member and would like the Charitable Foundation to consider supporting a charity which fits the guidelines above, please click here to recommend your charity.

When considering requests for donations we will need to get in touch with the charity to ask for additional information to support the recommendation, so please include accurate contact details for the charity. All applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis by our Trustees, whose decision is final. Trustees will review all applications and decide which to approve based on the need of each charity and how much funds are available. Once Trustees have reviewed all applications we will inform the colleague or member and the charities of their decision. Donations are sent directly to successful charities at the end of each quarter (April, July, October, and January).