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The YBS Treasury manages the Society's activities within the wholesale financial markets.

Investor Relations

Treasury activities are carried out in support of internal strategic objectives, and in compliance with policy requirements as determined by the Society's Board and regulators. This includes the management of the Society's liquid assets, the raising of wholesale funding, the issuance of capital instruments and the use of derivatives to control financial risk emanating from the Society's business activities.

Credit ratings

Agency Senior Unsecured Short Term Outlook
Moody's A3 P2 Stable
Fitch A F1 Stable

Bloomberg Tickers

YBS Corp
133535Z LN Equity

Money Markets Code

Yorkshire Building Society is committed to conducting its UK Money Market activities in adherence with the principles of the UK Money Markets Code.

Statement of Commitment to the UK Money Markets Code (89 KB)


Funding Programmes

Access to wholesale markets allows the Group to smooth out variations in the supply of retail funds and reduces reliance upon traditional sources for all its funding needs.

Consistent with the legal status of the Society, at least 50% of funds are raised in the form of member deposits.

Treasury contacts


Wholesale Funding: 01274 730156
Liquidity: 01274 730157
Treasury Operations: 01274 472585


Dealing team: treasury_dealers@ybs.co.uk
Operations team: treasury_ops@ybs.co.uk