Need a Solicitor?

With the Yorkshire Building Society Conveyancing Service, finding a solicitor for your house purchase, sale, remortgage or transfer of equity takes less than two minutes.

There are over 150 solicitors to choose from and you don't need to have your mortgage with us to use this service.

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The Yorkshire Building Society Conveyancing Service is provided for Yorkshire Building Society by United Legal Services. The Conveyancing firms listed are entirely responsible for the conveyancing services they provide.

When do I need a solicitor?

  • Buying a property
  • Re-mortgaging
  • Selling a property
  • Transfer of Equity

What will a solicitor do for me?

Whether you are buying a new property, re-mortgaging to another lender, selling a property or carrying out a Transfer of Equity you will need to appoint a solicitor. A solicitor is responsible for transferring the legal ownership of a property from one person to another, and/or for ensuring that a lender gets a valid legal charge over that property; this process is called conveyancing.

If you are buying a home your solicitor will also carry out various searches on your behalf ensuring that you know as much about the property as possible before you buy it. They will deal with the offer from your lender, prepare the legal contracts between you and the seller and confirm an appropriate date with the seller when the purchase can complete. If applicable your solicitor will also make arrangements to pay the Stamp Duty Land Tax to the HMRC on your behalf.

How do I appoint an approved solicitor?

In order for us to fully process your mortgage application and provide an offer, we need to appoint a solicitor or conveyancer to act on our behalf. We will use the same solicitor as you use provided they are on our panel of approved solicitors. You can:

  1. Use our conveyancing service

    You can view, compare quotes/ratings, and appoint a solicitor who is on our approved panel during the mortgage application; using our conveyancing service.
  2. Choose your own solicitor

    This can be done during the mortgage application, but we recommend that you check that your solicitor is on our approved panel prior to beginning your application. You can do this using our Solicitor Panel Checking Tool. If your chosen solicitor is on our panel, your solicitor can be appointed to act for YBS as well.

    If your chosen solicitor is not already registered on our approved conveyancing panel, that solicitor must apply to be registered on our panel and comply to our standards and requirements before we can progress an application. Please note that if you appoint a solicitor who is not a member of our approved panel this can introduce delays to your mortgage application.

    (Further information and registration forms for solicitors are available in our Lawyers section .)
  3. Skip this step

    You can submit an application without appointing a solicitor/conveyancer. However, YBS will not be able to progress your case to mortgage offer until it has appointed a solicitor.