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Help & Support

Payments into your account

Information on receiving payments into your YBS account.

Receiving a payment

To make payments into your account from within the UK, or for a Direct Debit payment from your Cash Transactor account:

Account name Yorkshire Building Society account holder's name
Sort code Use this sort code for all YBS accounts
60 – 92 – 04
(operated through one of our main bankers – NatWest Bank Plc)
Bank Account Number The first 8 digits of your YBS account number
Reference or Roll number The full 10 digits of your YBS account number (not required for direct debits)


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Payment timescales

Faster payments

Where payments are sent by the Faster Payments service to your account, they may take up to 4 hours to be credited to your account.
Payments containing incorrect or missing information may take longer to process or may be returned to the sender if we cannot prove that they belong to you. Please ensure that the correct information is entered when sending a payment or when asking someone else to send a payment, to your account.


You can pay a cheque into your YBS account at any branch or agency - however you should be aware that the terms & conditions of our online based accounts mean that we do not accept cheque deposits into these accounts.

Cheques should be made payable to the account holder and not to the Society.

All cheques in the United Kingdom are cleared in accordance with the 'Customer Promise' cheque clearance timescales. Yorkshire Building Society savings accounts use clearing cycle timeline, as explained below.

Timeline for a cheque paid into your account on Monday

Monday The cheque is paid into the account
Tuesday Working day 1 The cycle starts on the first working day after the cheque is paid into your account. A working day is any day excluding a Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday in England and Wales. If a Saturday, the cycle will start on the next working day.
Wednesday Working day 2 Interest starts to be earned today.
Thursday Working day 3
Friday Working day 4
Monday Working day 5 You will be able to withdraw the money today. However the cheque could still be returned unpaid (bounced) until the end of working day 6.
Tuesday Working day 6 You can be sure the money is yours at the end of today.
Wednesday Working day 7 The money cannot be reclaimed without your consent (unless you are a knowing party to fraud).


A Working Day is any day excluding a Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday in England and Wales.

To help people when they change to a new current account provider, the Payments Council has introduced a Cheque Redirection Service. If we are notified that the cheque you are paying into your account has been redirected and is part of this service, the clearing cycle will restart from the day we receive the notification.

Please note that cheques are valid for 6 months from the day they are signed and dated. Cheques payable to you should be paid into your account in plenty of time to allow them to clear before they become out of date.

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