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Current accountswitch service

From September 2013, the UK Payments Council is introducing a Current Account Switch Service.

What does this mean?

The Yorkshire Building Society does not offer a current account. It is however participating in the current account switch service as this can affect our existing customers making payments to a current account. This free-to-use Service will allow personal customers, small businesses and small charities to transfer their current accounts between providers. The Service is designed to be simple, reliable and easier to use than the varying range of services used by banks and building societies at present. There will also be a Current Account Switch Guarantee, which details the process, the key benefits and any remedial action required in the event of something not going to plan.

The banks and building societies participating in the Service will transfer any payment instruction information, such as Direct Debits and Standing Orders, to the 'new' bank account. In addition, any payments that are sent to the 'old' bank account will be automatically forwarded to the 'new' bank account, and at the same time the provider that sent the payment will be notified that it has been redirected to the 'new' bank account.

How could this affect me?

From September 2013, if you send a payment from your account with Yorkshire Building Society, and we are notified by the Service that the beneficiary of the payment has switched their account using the Service, we will process the payment redirection information, update your payment records with the new bank account details, and advise you of the amendments made. Your payment will be automatically redirected to the 'new' bank account.

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