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Take the heat out of your finances this summer, says Yorkshire Building Society

05 July 2018

The longest day may have been and gone but weather forecasts indicate summer sun is here to stay, prompting people up and down the country to throw themselves into all the warm season can offer… but at what cost?

Whether it’s heading abroad for a fortnight or planning day trips out to theme parks or the seaside, making the most of the days before autumn arrives can hit your wallet hard.

Yorkshire Building Society is encouraging summer fun seekers to make their money work harder over the next few months by keeping an eye on their spending habits.

Louise Halliwell, Senior Savings Manager at Yorkshire Building Society, said:

A sunnier climate can prompt a more relaxed approach to life, and that can have a knock-on effect to your finances as well as your mood.
Without managing your budget, summer can become expensive so taking a step back and planning ahead can help ensure you still have fun, without it hurting your bank balance.

Savings experts at Yorkshire Building Society are offering the following tips for a fun but frugal summer:

  • Bag a bargain – if you’re planning on visiting theme parks or heading off on an adventure day keep your eyes peeled before you go for 2-for-1 vouchers or discounts for popular attractions, usually found on household items or cereal. You can also usually save money on entrance fees by buying online before you visit.
  • Find the freebies – check out local noticeboards, online forums or your council’s website to find out what free activities, fayres or family days are planned in your area.
  • Avoid paying a premium for food and drink – you might have already budgeted for day trips but have you doubled your budget for the likely added extras of souvenirs, ice creams and your daily three meals? Feeding a family at attractions is expensive business so pack a picnic or pick up a meal deal before you go through the turnstile. 
  • Sunny savings – swap the tumble dryer for a washing line and let the summer breeze dry your washing and help you save pounds on electricity bills. The sun’s rays can also be a natural cure for bringing soiled baby clothes back to white.
  • Raid the cupboards – school summer holidays can create a large amount of time to fill so you might have to get creative to pass the time with little ones. You could make your own playdough, use bedsheets to make dens or sunshade or plant household items around the garden for an alternative treasure hunt.
  • Cheap culture – museums and art galleries are often free or accessible with a nominal donation. Joining your local library can also open up a wealth of opportunities to take you on a new literary adventure every day of summer.
  • Dine out – in – take advantage of lighter, warmer nights by moving your evening meal outside. You could also organise a barbeque and ask friends to bring a course to save you all money.
  • Enjoy the great outdoors – make the most of what the UK has to offer without it costing a fortune. Cities, coasts and country, whatever you’re after, you don’t need to board a plane to let it feel like you’re on holiday. If you really don’t want to leave home, why not camp in the garden with your children?
  • Friend-ly B&Bs – consider whether you have family or friends you could go and visit in another part of the country so you can keep accommodation costs down, but be prepared to offer to return the favour!

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