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Society celebrates 100,000 volunteering hours

28 May 2019

Yorkshire Building Society is celebrating donating more than 100,000 hours of volunteering time as Volunteers’ Week (1-7 June) gets underway – and is seeking new opportunities to help other community groups and good causes.

Since the Society launched its award-winning volunteering scheme in 2007, colleagues have donated more than 100,000 hours of their time to charities and good causes around the UK.

Yorkshire Building Society’s volunteering scheme allows every colleague up to 31 hours’ paid leave a year to help out at a charity or good cause of their choice.

Louise Neill, volunteering manager at Yorkshire Building Society, said: “Volunteers’ Week is a great reminder of the contribution voluntary work can make across the UK and we know first-hand about the impact it has brought our communities.

“For over a decade we have seen that time can be just as valuable a gift as money to charities and community groups. That’s why the Society’s programme gives us the opportunity to support projects and charities in our local communities around the country and we want to hear from more local groups that need support.”

Money Minds – Financial Education

One of the Society’s flagship volunteering activities is Money Minds, a free financial education programme delivered by its colleagues, to help children aged five to 19 learn more about managing money.

Since Money Minds launched in 2015, more than 567 sessions have been delivered to 17,081 young people all around the UK.

Volunteers’ Week 

Volunteers’ Week is an annual event which takes place at the start of June. It celebrates the contribution made by millions of volunteers across the UK. More information can be found at www.volunteersweek.org


Charities, schools, good causes and community groups that need voluntary support can contact the Society to find out ways they might be able to benefit from the Society’s scheme by emailing corporateresponsibility@ybs.co.uk

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