Remortgaging - What you need to know

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Whether it's the first time you're remortgaging or you're an experienced mortgage switcher, we know it can still be difficult to know how the process works for different mortgage providers.

We've developed a video guide which outlines our remortgage application process and lets you know what's involved in switching your mortgage to Yorkshire Building Society:

Our quick remortgage checklist!

  • Check with your existing provider before switching, as you may need to pay a fee to move your mortgage.
  • You'll need a solicitor to carry out the necessary legal work for your remortgage, just like moving house.
  • Your current property will need to be valued to make sure it represents adequate security for your mortgage loan.
  • A new lender will assess your mortgage affordability as part of your remortgage application to make sure you can afford the repayments. If you're thinking of applying for a YBS mortgage you can check the affordability of your mortgage repayments with our mortgage borrowing calculator before applying.

Interested in applying?

Your next step is to take a look at our full applying for a remortgage information page.

If you're ready to dive into getting a remortgage with us, take a look at our remortgaging page where you can search and compare our current remortgage deals.