We offer a variety of options to enable all individuals to save in a way that suits their specific needs, support people through every step of their journey to having a place to call home and provide adapted support to customers in challenging situations.

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Supporting savers

For every borrower we lend money to, there are six savers whose money we are responsible for, so working for their benefit is crucial to how we do business.

We provide a wide range of accounts for different types of savers.

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    This includes children just beginning to get into the savings habit, adults who wish to save regularly, those who want to be able to access their money at short notice or those who want to put money away for longer in return for a better interest rate.

    Our Savings Pledges reflect how we believe savings institutions should behave. They underline our commitment to be open with savers; maintain the availability of products; offer savings checks so a customer knows their money is still in the right account for them and treat new and existing customers equally.

    Throughout the period of low interest rates triggered by the economic downturn, we have protected savers as much as possible by putting their needs ahead of profits and maintaining our savings interest rates above the market average, in a responsible way that does not pose longer term risks to our financial sustainability.

    Additionally, when the Bank Rate increased we were one of the first financial providers to commit to passing on the full 0.25% rise to all our savers with a variable rate account.

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A place to call home

By maintaining strong and loyal savings customers we are able to continue to deliver on our original purpose as a building society - helping people secure a place to call home.

We provide mortgages for many different types of borrowers.

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    This includes those trying to buy for the first time, people moving up the housing ladder, those looking to save money by re-mortgaging and those who wish to borrow more to fund changing lives and priorities.

    We have mortgages available to borrowers with small and large deposits, to a maximum of 95% of a property’s value. We also offer mortgages with a variety of features to meet various customer needs, including loans with no product fees or paid-for legal costs or valuations. We believe flexibility is key to the success of our offset mortgages, which link customers' savings and mortgages to make customers better off and potentially help them to pay their mortgage off faster.

    As well as the range of mortgages we offer, the way we assess applications is an equally important factor in how we deliver on our aims to support people to achieve home ownership. We have taken steps to improve the way we deal with requests for loans from particular customer groups. For example, contractors face a unique set of circumstances based on their less regular income compared to full-time employed workers. We have designed a mortgage with contractors in mind and are looking to extend the offer to more people with variable incomes.

    For more information visit YBS mortgages.

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Tailored customer support

With one of our Values being ‘customers at our heart’ we have placed great emphasis on how we treat customers.

We have established a programme of training and development entitled RESPEcT based around six key elements.

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    While we work hard to give a great experience to all customers, there are times when we unfortunately don’t get it right first time. In these situations we have empowered our front-line colleagues to resolve problems at first point of contact and prevent unnecessary delays for customers. In our most recent figures published by the FCA 70% of all our savings complaints could be resolved within 3 working days of receipt.

    We have refined 28 policies, processes and procedures as a result of customer and colleague feedback. An area which has benefited from our improved operations is the way we support customers seeking power of attorney or managing a loved one’s financial affairs after their death. Dealing with such issues can often add to someone’s grief so we have worked hard to improve our processes and remove complexity.

    To help our customers play their part in keeping their money safe, we have shared anti-fraud guidance with thousands of customers, whilst also providing specific colleague training to ensure they are able to identify risks. We have established a specialist team to help customers who require some extra support, and if you feel that you need this support you can send us an email.