Everyday thank yous

As soon as you launch our intranet homepage it’s there, a steady stream of thank you messages from colleague-to-colleague right across the Group.

Everyday Thanks was launched in September 2015 as part of our Group’s 150th birthday celebrations and it’s been a fantastic success. In 2016 over 17,500 individual thank you messages were sent - that’s more than three for every colleague in the Group.

Everyday Thanks isn’t the only way we say thank you. Our thank you cards, which allow colleagues to write and send personal note to another colleague, are also hugely popular. In fact, colleagues told us they want to be able to send these cards for more than just saying ‘thank you’. So we’ve launched two new ‘well done’ cards, to congratulate colleagues for passing an exam or training course, completing a project, or even an achievement outside of work.

The ‘Welcome to your new team’ cards for new starters have proven to be a hit with new colleagues and their team-mates. So much so that we’ve introduced “welcome back” cards for colleagues returning from maternity, adoption or long-term sick leave. Despite familiar faces around the office or branch, it can be daunting to return to work after an extended leave of absence. We want all our colleagues to receive a warm welcome back to the Group, and a personalised card from their team will help to create that.

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