Money minds

Money Minds is a financial education programme, aimed at 5 to 19 years old, which is delivered directly by our colleagues in schools across the UK.

Our colleagues use their volunteering allowance to deliver a Money Minds session in a school of their choice, which helps teachers meet the need to improve young people’s financial education.

There are 10 different topics to choose from, adapted to each key stage. Young children can learn about how to keep money safe and budgeting, whereas older students can learn about Buying a House or Pensions.

Money Minds was developed following requests from teachers visiting our branches and also from colleagues who expressed an interest in engaging with their local schools. In 2017 we continued to grow and develop Money Minds enabling colleagues to deliver 251 courses to 7267 pupils, an increase of 54% in students supported compared to 2016.

The feedback we have received from students, teachers and colleagues has been extremely positive, particularly regarding the content, interactivity and the experience of all involved. One teacher from Norton Primary School, Malton, said: “Money Minds is amazing. The children enjoyed the creative element of planning their dream party and really considered budgets. The session had a good range of activities to engage all and there was a great buzz in the school”. The feedback from pupils has been equally enthusiastic with 95% of pupils saying they enjoyed the session and 94% that they learned something new and feel more confident about managing money.

Teachers and parents can request for a session to be delivered in their school by emailing corporateresponsibility@ybs.co.uk.

You can find out more information by visiting our Money Minds page.

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