Solar power

We’re always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

A key project has been the installation of just over 1,300 solar panels at our Yorkshire Drive, Bradford and Peterborough offices, with a generating capacity at peak of up to 350 MWh – enough to continually operate 2,000 PCs or 50,000 energy efficient light bulbs, and reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by 160 tonnes per year. Using solar power means fossil fuel consumption is reduced, and therefore helps to limit climate change.

In addition to the environmental advantages, we also qualify for the Government Feed-in-Tariff arrangements meaning we are paid for the energy our solar panels produce, so it also makes good business sense.

Both projects presented installation challenges as the roofs required special fixings and designs for the panels to be fitted. The systems have been fitted with advanced monitoring hardware that enables us to view their production in near real-time on a web portal.

To the end of 2016 we have generated just under 318 MWh since the installations, equating to a CO2 saving of 172.5 tonnes.

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