My YBS Group adventure

A new way for managers and colleagues to recognise and celebrate a colleague’s unique and individual YBS Group experience.

‘My YBS Group Adventure’ celebrates three core milestones, which were chosen based on what colleagues told us was important to them:

  • Work anniversaries – key markers throughout a colleague’s time with the Group
  • Work moments – moments at YBS Group that hold great importance for a colleague, for instance passing an exam or getting a promotion
  • Life moments – key highlights in a colleague’s life, such as getting married or becoming a parent

In one year, colleagues wrote more than 3,700 comments and added over 1,100 photos to 700 colleagues’ yearbooks – keepsakes marking a colleague’s 3rd, 5th, 10th, 25th or 40th anniversary with the Group.

As well as the yearbooks, we have created a range of easy and simple tools for managers to create memorable experiences for a colleague. These include email headers to mark important life and work moments (such as ‘congratulations on your new role’ and ‘happy new home’) and templates to make photo collages or personalised front page of our colleague magazine, It’s Mutual.

Carol Minney and Jo Clarke were recipients of a personalised photo collage on their first day at Pudsey branch, after being redeployed from Farsley in May. They were bowled over by the support from their new team and customers. Claire Byrne, Pudsey Branch Manager, said: “We wanted to do something a bit special to welcome Jo and Carol on their first day, and they both loved their framed keepsakes. Carol was showing hers to all her customers who loved it as much as she did.”

Colleagues have also been celebrating each other’s life moments – and weddings seem to be a favourite. In April Krishna Mistry and Phil Holloway, who are based in our Leeds office, tied the knot on Easter Sunday. On their final day at work before their big day, their teams adorned their desks with balloons and confetti and surprised them with a lovely bunch of flowers. Krishna said: “We couldn’t believe that our colleagues had gone to so much effort. We feel blessed to have such wonderful people to work with!”

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